Sample Information

Invest in your dream!

We rarely respect something as much when it’s free because we don’t have 'skin in the game' (We have not had to dip into our own pocket). Besides the money, there’s an important psychological principle happening. If someone is going to chase a dream, or make a big change in their business, they have to change their mindset. Free products will not change a persons mindset.  

Formulating Samples

After we have received your brief, formulating your own unique product samples and playing with products is the first step in creating your own range. It is important to us and vital each product performs on hair, does what it says to give you the confidence to move forward.

Sample Fees

1. To enable customers to play with product samples we keep the ‘Product Development 

    Fees’ we charge to formulate your unique products to a very minimum.

2. After receiving your brief we will evaluate the products you would like us to formulate. We 

    will then advise you of the 'Product Development' fee's to formulate your unique products.

3. Sample fees will be broken down into one of four categories and charged accordingly: 

     a) Minor tweaking of formulations    

     b) Medium tweaking of formulation   

     c) Considerable tweaking of formulations   

     d) Replicating another companies products *Conditions apply

*Note: Once you advise us of the products you would like to have formulated we will then advise 

             the applicable 'Product Development Fees' 

4. A regular delivery fee (The price we are charged by our freight company) will be charged to 

    send samples to customer

Think Tank

Once the invoice has been paid your order is automatically added to our ‘Product Schedule’ (Joins the queue).

We will then meet with our key team members about formulating the products you requested with the aim of:

a) Gaining an insight into your brief and what you are envisaging for your product range. 

b) Discussing the features and benefits of each individual product you would like us to 


c) Discuss customers packaging requests.

e) Discuss scents customer requested and any key raw materials requests to ascertain if they 

    will deliver any performance benefits to the overall product(s).

f) Discuss if scents customer requested and any additional key raw materials requests can be 

    incorporated into each product formulation.  

g) Discuss overall ingredients that will compliment each product formulation and the overall 

    brand ethos.

Sample Sizes

All products samples come in full retail sizes (Not travel sizes) so you can get a good feel for each product.

Terms and Conditions

Formulating product samples for customers are subject to iRange formulations Terms and Conditions. These terms will be sent to customer when order is placed.

Busy Pre-Christmas Period

During our busy Pre-Christmas period between the 1st of October to the 23rd December our teams focus has to be diverted to manufacturing existing customers repeat product orders to meet deadlines.

We are therefore unable to formulate product samples during this time.  We will however be able to formulate product samples and work on new product developments when we resume from our Christmas break in the new year.