About Us

What's in a name?

Our companies name, 'iRange Formulations' was inspired by the iGeneration (Gen Z.) The generational cohort following the Millennials (Gen Y.) 

In short the iGeneration is all about communication and its varied manifestations; speech seems no longer important in a world where emails can be sent at the touch of a button and status updates can publish mood, feeling and current status.

The iGeneration sets precedents for the uses of technology and understands the limitations of human action and uses technology as an extension of the body through which to be increasingly productive.

As the iGeneration represents a change in methods, attitudes and is about effectively communicating, there was a correlation between what our founder (Jamie Hibble) believed and conceived.

So, iRange Formulations became the name of the company to describe the industry shift about to take place... A new era where salon owners would extend their own identity, creativity and brand to consumers.

No longer would salon owners be limited to making a margin on the retail products they bought and sold. Instead of promoting other companies products and name, they could self publicise via their own upmarket, high end product range. Through this medium salon owners could effectively brand their name into the hearts and minds of consumers, inspiring customers to enjoy their salons services and products.