After many years in the industry, pioneering name brand (multi-national) hair and beauty products, our companies founder (Jamie Hibble) began looking outside of the box and viewing the industry from a different platform. After gaining a new perspective he noticed there was a need not being filled.

​With this in mind Jamie became enthused about making it possible for salon owners to have their very own up-market hair care product range. He wanted to help them brand their salon or product name in the hearts and minds of consumers, inspiring their customers to enjoy their salons services and products.




While growing up, my older sister was an apprentice in an up-market City salon, so I guess that's where my interest with the Hairdressing Industry began. She later opened a groovy​ little salon ​on the beach front and I spent a lot of time in her salon before moving into a sales and marketing role with a high profile hair and beauty company.

The company was an icon in the International salon arena and they single handily pioneered the first effective reconstructive products in the Industry. I met many high profile hairdressers and serviced a broad cross section of salons during this time and I enjoyed providing real follow up service to my clients.

I was then approached with the opportunity to pioneer a boutique, name brand International Hair
Care product, which at the time was new to the Australian market. The company was a forerunner in developing new and exciting products, bringing new textures to the industry and developing first of a kind styling products, which literally blew the industry away.

After; successfully penetrating this brand into the market, elevating the  product name in the minds of both Hairdressers and consumers, making it  synonymous with quality and aligned with high profile salons, it was time for change.

Around  this time there was an influx of large multinational, chemical and  supermarket companies clamoring to buy up salon-only brands, in order to  gain market share. The result was these once salon-only product  companies lost their heart and soul, including their salon-only ethos.

It was sad for the Industry in one way, however it was a sign of the times and it enabled me to see the answer was not just another product range, because I had done that before. At first, I actually wasn’t sure what to do or where to go from there, however after a couple of false starts and painful learning experiences a light went off in my head. 

I began helping salons with their print media and marketing initiatives and during this time I saw, for the main, no one was helping salon owners to market and promote their own salon name. I then had the good fortune of meeting a very talented product formulator who was passionate and dedicated to creating natural Hair Care. He had formulated and created product ranges for companies, that are now name brands, so I knew our meeting was not by chance. It was one of those moments that was meant to be, or was what I call, ‘a click.’

For the most part, existing private label product manufactures imposed large minimum order requirements on potential customers. Unless you have a spare $50,000 to $250,000 up your sleeve it was  not feasible for a salon to create their own range, which mean't the majority of salon owners were overlooked. 

I knew if I could manufacture hi-quality hair care products, that were as good if not better than the products salon owners currently used, and enabled salon owners to order smaller quantities it would be a win-win situation. Of course my commitment was to use natural, organic ingredients and my  objective was to create a range of boutique, up-market cleansing, conditioning, treatments and extra ordinary styling products to equip professional hairdressers.

To get the venture moving I knew I would need some really talented people around me, for I had personally learnt that you can’t do things in life on your own. I went looking for associates whom I could  work in collaboration with, who knew and understood the Hairdressing,  Beauty and Fashion industry and were good in their particular field.

One cold winters night while going for a walk, the name iRange literally popped into my head while walking through this thick mist, which had  blanketed the whole street. Over the years Generation X and Generation Y  had come and gone and it dawned on me, this current generation is the information generation. So iRange Formulations became the name of our Company.

The right people were now in place and we created a think-tank to pool our  idea’s together. We then fused those idea’s for the soul purpose of providing unique, up-market, stylish hair care products to service the needs of salons and their customers. I am now proud to work with some of the most competent bio chemists and industry professionals the country has to offer.

Collectively the team has worked in the  product formulation and professional hair and beauty arena, for copious amount of years.  Each product we manufacture for customers is meticulously overseen and initially utilized on selected models in a real educational and salon environment, before being chronicled; after all, a good product has to perform on hair and deliver real results.

In hindsight iRange Formulations began as an idea of helping salon owners to market and promote their own salon name. That’s it in a nut shell, it’s really that simple; were more than a product company, we have a cause!