The Digital Transformation Of Our Society.


The digital side of the retail business is predicted to grow at a faster pace than previous projections. Sales being generated on-line during this current climate is proof that eCommerce is robust.

The effects the Coronavirus is having a huge impact on consumer buying habits. More than ever Salon and Barbershop owners need to have their own brand to capitalise on eCommerce trends.

Consumers have been further conditioned through the health scare and subsequent lockdown.

 They are more comfortable buying their products on-line than they ever have been in the past.

Consumers will continue to visit traditional bricks and mortar stores and still purchase retail via this medium, however operators will need a double pronged approach if they want to hold onto and expand their retail sales.

Many on-line businesses have achieved record sales during this period. One business had to close several stores during the outbreak and they adapted by moving staff to become online influencers and achieved 200% growth compared to the previous year. 

Another business shifted its focus to selling online and increased their sales in the process. They asked all employees to create a sales ranking and gave targets and rewards for on-0line sales they generated.

Big companies like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and large established on-line businesses are determined to get the lions share of retail sales. It is vitally important salons and barbershops respond, adapt and ramp up their on-line services to ensure their customers continue to purchase their retail products and do not go else where.

Many salons and barbershop operators will already have a professional eCommerce website with a shopping cart, and have fast and efficient delivery system in place to deliver products to customer's front doors. However if you don’t, launching your products online and promoting your own brand needs to be a priority. For  as much as multi-national product companies have their place in the industry, for the mane, they are not loyal to Salons and Barbershop owners anymore. The majority of traditional product companies home haircare products can now be bought cheaper from a whole host of your competitors and through numerous other on-line businesses.

Having your own product range gives you the luxury of being the only business that can supply your customers. Your clients are unable to purchase your brand from Shopping centres, other salons or buy your products on the internet… that is unless it is from your website.

This is not a time for hesitation or a “wait and see” approach. Salon and Barber Shop operators will need redirect budgets into boosting digital marketing efforts to stimulate and sustain consumer demand.

Jamie Hibble